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Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel by Jane Costello / Book Review

21 mar

Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel

by Jane Costello



Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Publishing Date: 24th March 2016

Source:  Copy provided by the publisher, thank you!

Number of pages: 496

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary

 Buy the Book: Kindle | Paperback





‚LEARN TO SALSA DANCE,’ the card in the shop window read. ‚Experience the red-hot vibes of Latin America right here in the Lake District. Beginners and singles welcome.’

Lauren Scott lives in ‚The most romantic place in Britain’, but her love life is about as successful as her mountain climbing skills. The man she’s obsessed over for two years has proposed to someone else – and her only solution is to save up for six months to go travelling, so she never has to set eyes on him again.

But when her friends sign her up for a dance class – in the same historic hotel where her beloved dad worked and her most precious childhood memories were formed – Lauren makes a horrifying discovery. It’s been sold to a faceless budget chain, which has depressing plans in store. Worse, the entrepreneur behind it all turns out to be among a group of guys her friend Cate roped in to join the very same salsa class they’ve signed up for….

Jane Costello’s funniest book yet – a story of love, friendship and some serious hip action . . . Get in the mood to mambo!

Rating: 5/5


A new Jane Costello book is each time a real treat for me. I’ve read all of her novels and loved them all, and I can’t imagine that one day this author may stop writing – no way! Please, keep them coming, Jane! This time, I had a feeling that this time the book is more serious in tone, and to be honest, I missed this energetic enthusiasm and infectious Jane Costello’s humour. Don’t get me wrong, there were moments that I laughed, but altogether the book was more serious in tone, and I’m thinking that with every book Ms Costello’s writing is maturing and that she tries her touch at some important and difficult issues. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t like this book – on the contrary, I adored it, it’s only that I missed a little of this total airiness of the characters. With every new novel Jane’s characters are older, more mature, and they behave accordingly, and it’s absolutely okay. This time the author put our heroines up to plenty of really difficult decisions to be made and doesn’t spare them troubles – but I find it really challenging and I am happy that Jane Costello tries herself with this difficult task, as I guess it isn’t too easy to write.

The characters are, as always, so brilliantly drawn and developed and I felt so good in their company just from the very beginning. Lauren was great: there are two things that she loves with all her heart and these are the Moonlight Hotel and her work’s colleague, Edwin, but both are either taken away from her (Moonlight Hotel has just been sold and it looks like the new owner want to re – decorate it totally, not only inside but also outside, and Lauren can’t stand it, as she has so many memories with the hotel) or just unavailable, as Edwin is engaged. But when Edwin suddenly announces he has broken up with his fiancée, Lauren decides to take things in her own hand, and I am not going to tell you what exactly she does to persuade Edwin that she’s The One he’s looking for, but some of the scenes made me cry with laughter. Lauren often puts herself in many embarrassing situations, she’s loyal and she’s willing to forgo her own dream to help her friend. She’s simply one of the loveliest characters that read about, she’s full of warmth, she makes mistakes, she always thinks about the best one – liner when it’s too late and she adores her job – she’s a teacher, just like I am, and she has a nig heart for her pupils.
Now, from the beginning I couldn’t believe what Lauren sees in Edwin – and I’m not going to say anything more as I don’t want to spoil the book for you, but I was like. OMG! Lauren! Really? Edwin was this kind of character that made you want to take something very hard and hit him repeatedly on his head. Nevertheless, plenty of situations with Edwin had made me laugh cynically.

This book is a relatively slow read, and I mean the pace here. Sure, there are things happening, but on the whole the tempo is more unhurried and nevertheless, it sits with this story. The first half or so of it was more on the light side and even though Lauren had some dilemmas, I often found myself laughing out loud. Whereas the more we get into the book, the more serious the story unfolds and Lauren and her friends have tough nuts to crack. The stories of Emily and Cat were sometimes heartbreaking and incredibly sad, and I found myself rooting for them all, especially Cat, as this what happened to her was so unfair and she could do nothing, and I hated to watch her so defenceless and hopeless. I truly admired the great friendship between Lauren, Emily and Cat.

I must admit that I expected this book to resolve around Moonlight Hotel much more, as the synopsis signalized, but the Hotel is in fact only a background in this story – it’s significant, but not as much, though at the end it really plays a big role for Lauren. So yes, it took me a little by surprise, the way it took on, especially as we got deeper and deeper into the book, and the author started to throw twists and turns and surprises at our poor heads, and not the likes that we would say are the nice surprises.

Even though the story also explores some more serious issues, and the author points at the dangers the social media are, it still is a feel – good read. It is a perfect mix of humour and emotions, a novel filled with lovely characters that we fell for and we keep our fingers crossed for them. And even with all those changes, with this grown – up feeling, „The Summer Night at Moonlight Hotel” was a heart – warming, engaging, hooking book that I didn’t want to put down – so everything’s OK :), just like Jane Costello has got me used to. There is this Ms Costello’s trademark humour that I so love, and adding the more serious issues only made the book feel much more realistic. I really didn’t want this story to end – I’m sure you know this feeling when you want to read the book as quickly as possible to see how it’s going to end but on the other hand you DON’T WANT it to end. Yes, it was like this with this novel. Highly recommended!

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Weekly Wrap Up #45

26 kwi

Hi there, hope you are all doing great. Last week was amazing books – wise, so many fantastic stories were published, and some of the great book – launches took place. Book – blogger heaven :)



Lisa Dickenson „Catch Me If You Cannes”

Sarah Leipciger „The Mountain Can Wait”

Stephanie Bishop „The Other Side of the World”

Sara Novic „Girl at War”

Margaret Graham „Easterleigh Hall at War”

Annie Barrows „The Truth According to Us”

Deborah Install „A Robot in the Garden”

Daniela Sacerdoti „Set Me Free”


Ruth Saberton „Runaway Summer”

Cressida McLaughlin „Wellies and Westies”




„The Love Shack” by Jane Costello – reviewed

„The Confectioner’s Tale” by Laura Madeleine – reviewed

„Girls on Tour” by Nicola Doherty – reviewed

„Among a Thousand Stars” by Jo Bartlett – to be reviewed closer to the publication date

„Single Woman Seeks Revenge” by Tracy Bloom – to be reviewed next week

„Wellies and Westies” by Cressida McLaughlin – to be reviewed next week


Am reading right now:

„Runaway Summer” by Ruth Saberton

„June Jenson and the Shield of Quell” by Emily Harper



The Cake Shop in the Garden by Carole Matthews 5/5

The Love Shack by Jane Costello 5/5 + Hall of Fame

Learn to Love Again by Ellen Faith 5/5

Girls on Tour by Nicola Doherty 5/5

The Confectioner’s Tale by Laura Madeleine 4/5

Don’t forget you can still win a book of your choice, the giveaway is still running! See you guys next week, and we starting tomorrow with a Blog Tour for Samantha Tonge’s delicious novel „Game of Scones”!

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The Love Shack by Jane Costello / Book Review

21 kwi

The Love Shack by Jane Costello


Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Publishing Date: 23rd April  2015

Source:  Received from publisher, thank you!

Genre: Literature/Fiction (Adult), Women’s Fiction

 Buy the Book: Kindle | Paperback




Life’s great when you’re 29 years old with a gorgeous girlfriend and fulfilling job. Until you have to move back in with your mum . . .

Dan and Gemma have found their dream first home, but the asking price is the stuff of nightmares. The only way they’ll ever save enough for the deposit is by moving in, rent-free, with Dan’s mum.

It’s a desperate solution, but it’s only for six months. And Gemma’s determined to make it work, no matter how bad things get.

But between Dan’s mum’s kitchen karaoke, her constant innuendos, irrepressible argumentative streak and – worst of all – her ham and pineapple curries, life back at home would test the patience of two saints. Which Dan and Gemma most definitely are not.

Then, as they’re trying to convince themselves it will all be worth it, Gemma’s past comes back to haunt her. And suddenly the foundations of their entire relationship are shaken to their core…

Rating: 5/5


I’ve had a pleasure to read all Jane Costello’s books and I loved all of them, without exception. They are light, easy and often have many laugh – out – loud moments, and there is nothing better after a stressful and demanding day to be able to sit with a book and relax. I am always waiting impatiently for Jane’s new novels and every new publication day is like my birthday coming sooner, and when I spotted that „The Love Shack” is going to be published in April, the countdown began.

Gemma and Dan are a couple, very lovely couple. They want to be with each other for ever so they decided that it’s the highest time to buy a house together. And so the viewings begin… After months and months of seeing all sort of houses they find it: The Pebble Cottage. That’s THE house. There is only one problem: it’s a little over their budget. What now? Gemma has an idea: they should give up on the flat they’re renting, move with Dan’s mum and money that they are going to save this way invest in their dream house. Easy – peasy? Not necessary, but what has to be done, has to be done… Add to this an ex – boyfriend, crazy estate agent, mother who cooks so gladly, even though she can’t cook, creaky bed and, shortly, no privacy… Are Dan and Gemma going to not only buy the house, but stand the test of time?

Eeek, I can’t tell you enough what a gorgeous, funny, but also touching read it was! It has lived up to all my expectations and more. I have raced through the pages, fell in love with the characters, laughed out loud at their antics, kept my fingers crossed for them and actually felt like a part of the story myself.

To be honest, I haven’t expected Belinda, Dan’s mother, to be like this, and just let me tell you that she couldn’t surprise me more! She’s like a colourful bird, larger than life character who first tells and then thinks about the consequences (or rather not!), and made her career as an author of books about bastards. I mean, men. Because in her eyes there is not a man that could be okay. Especially Dan’s father, who is a different story, really. And well, it doesn’t take long for Gemma and Dan to be desperate to move out again, and tucking Dan to sleep in the night is only the most harmless example why.

The story is told by Dan and Gemma alternatively, and it slowly goes round in a circle, as they both tell us not only about what is happening now but also recall their past and how they got to know each other. I absolutely loved the chapters told from Dan’s point of view and Jane, really a great job to put herself so much into Dan’s shoes, it all sounded so true and realistic. And well, now it’s time for a confession, I bloody adored Dan. Swoon. Swoon. And swoon again. And maybe a little sigh. He was funny, he was ambitious, he was gorgeous, and he had a heart in the right place, and oh my god, I’ve just melted when I’ve seen what he did to secure the house for his girl. Meow. And instead of earning big money in the City he decided to work for a homeless charity. Shall I continue? I think you have the picture already, right?

Gemma was so relatable to and I could so absolutely understand and justify all the things that she did. Yes, maybe she shouldn’t lie to Dan but oh my word, who of us haven’t once closed your eyes and though: it is going to be okay, things will work out somehow? So there.

There is a bunch of great, colourful supporting characters, and I adored all of them, especially Gemma and Dan’s work colleagues, or even Fanny Magnet. Ha! Sadie and Pete and their antics with the boss’ car or falling in love were incredibly entertaining and they added tons of warmth and fun to the story. And let’s not forget Rich, one in a million estate agent.

After reading „The Love Shack” I am so, so thankful to all the concerned and responsible that I NEVER had to look for a house. What an ungrateful job, guys…! And finding a house seems to be the easiest thing to do, the real work start later, with the surveys, all the paperwork and having to deal with the estate agents… Especially when they are called Rich, haha! Scenes with Rich with exceptional, the ones and only, believe me!

But the book is of course not only about finding your dream house. There is also the issue of having a father who doesn’t feel like father at all, of being honest to yourself and to your other half, of making decisions, of being adult, and yes, being adult often sucks! It is a bitter – sweat rollercoaster of a brilliant story, that is told in the most adorable, funny way. There were some scenes that had me laughing out loud, literally, especially when Gemma’s boss was bemoaning his car, or when Gemma was „delicately” getting him to understand that she knows what he does in his office, but also all the scenes with Belinda have added so much humour, they were absolutely hilarious. The whole episode of buying the house is described with so much wit and every time the house sale was stopped or delayed because of some new – of course unpredictable – circumstances, I could only frown and eventually I myself couldn’t wait for Dan and Gemma to GET. THEIR. DREAM. HOUSE. Without a squeaky bed and a group of Dan’s mum’s friends listening to the music (and all other things) in the kitchen downstairs.

So guys, the book is so worth reading! It contains love, drama, humour, tears, uncertainty, brilliant characters that you very quickly start to root for, and much, much more, written in the most pleasurable writing style. As usual in Jane’s books, there are funny moments, balanced with the more serious one, and it certainly constitutes a great read. „The Love Shack” is a kind of read that you’re going to treasure and care for. With every new book Jane Costello only confirms her strong position in the women’s literature world, and this book is Jane at her best. So. Have you got your copy yet?


Weekly Wrap Up # 42

06 kwi

Hi guys! I hope your Easter is full of good mood, good food and chocolate eggs and bunnies!




Danielle Steel „Prodigal Son”

Amanda Prowse „What Have I Done?”

Molly McGrann „Ladies of the House”

Tracy Rees „Amy Snow”

Carole Matthews „Cake Shop in the Garden”



Sophie Kinsella „Finding Audrey”

Nicola Doherty „The Girls Take Manhattan”

Jane Costello „The Little Things”

Cathy Bramley „Appleby Farm: Where the Heart Is”

Kamy Wicoff „Wishful Thinking”

Anna North „The Life and Death of Sophie Stark”



„Slow Burn” by K. Bromberg – reviewed

„The Day We Disappeared” by Lucy Robinson – to be reviewed this week

„The Little Things” by Jane Costello – reviewed

„Kept” by Elle Field – to be reviewed on Wednesday

„The Girls Take Manhattan” by Nicola Doherty – reviewed

„The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance” by Kirsty Greenwood – to be reviewed this week

„Vets on Call” by Cathy Woodman – to be reviewed this week

„Disclaimer” by Renee Knight – to be reviewed this week

„Lost” by Elle Field – to be reviewed on Wednesday


Am reading right now:

„Amy Snow” by Tracey Rees

„Appleby Farm: Where the Heart Is” by Cathy Bramley



The Gospel According to Drew Barrymore by Pippa Wright 5/5

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks 5/5

Chloe’s Rescue Mission by Rosie Dean 3/5

Slow Burn by K. Bromberg 4/5

The Little Things by Jane Costello 5/5 + Hall of Fame

The Girls Take Manhattan by Nicola Doherty 5/5

Animals Jigsaw and Sticker Book by Jonathan Litton 5/5

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The Little Things by Jane Costello / eBook Review

02 kwi

The Little Things by Jane Costello


Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Publishing Date: 26th March 2015

Source:  Purchased.

Genre: Literature/Fiction (Adult), Women’s Fiction

 Buy the Book: Kindle





An exclusive ebook novella from bestselling author Jane Costello to celebrate the publication of her new novel, The Love Shack.

At twenty-eight, Hannah MacFarlane’s career is on course to smash the glass ceiling and beat it into submission.

Then a shock company reshuffle leaves her sacked and bewildered, while her fiancé is promoted into a job nearly 5,000 miles away in Dubai.

Five months later, she is jobless, broke and worryingly addicted to Loose Women. Then her older sister Suzy intervenes after her child minder left them in the lurch and offers Hannah the job of looking after her FOUR young children.

Hannah has no other option but to accept. But while she was great at playing ‚Cool Auntie’, she soon discovers – with riotous consequences – that she is no Mary Poppins . . .

Jane Costello’s exclusive novella is by turns hilarious, romantic and heart-warming – download it today.

Rating: 5/5


Jane Costello is one of my favourite authors and her books belong to the auto – buy category. I am always waiting impatiently for a new release from her because I know that I am for a real treat. She has this incredible, light, easy to follow writing style and her dialogues are full of exceptionally one – liners, and she also has an incredible talent to describe a normal, usual situation in a way that makes you howl with laughter. So when I spotted „The Little Things” are for grab on Amazon it was really like birthday, Easter and Christmas coming early all at once.

Hannah is expecting a big promotion at work which means: moving to Dubai. Hooray! But it turns out that it’s her boyfriend who’s going to get the job and Hannah gets the sack…
Five months later there is still no news on the new job and when Hannah’s sister offers her a post as a nanny to her four young boys, together with a room, Hannah of course has no other option but to accept. It’s time to seriously try her managing and organizational skills and learn the new politics at the school gates. Not only politics, but also handsome young dad as well…
But Hannah wants of course to be re – united with her boyfriend as soon as possible and is looking for a job in Dubai. Is she going to get it? Or is her heart going to beat stronger for someone else?

I couldn’t help but laughed so hard at Hannah and her antics with her four nephews. This what is normal for me, mum, was for certain very new and very unexpected for Hannah, and her observations were just priceless! The author has so brilliantly described the boys’ behaviour, and I could only nod my head with agreement and well, feel a little sorry for the poor Hannah being in shock :)

There is a bunch of great characters in this book, as usually in Jane Costello’s books. She can write incredibly vivid, popping out of the pages characters and it was no exception here. Hannah was at the beginning the career – girl but she still had this normal feeling to her and she was lovely from start to the finish. She has her moments, oh, of course she has her moments when she loses her head and agrees to work as a dogsbody in an office only to be with this git of a boyfriend of hers, but it just makes her more realistic in my eyes. What I liked so much in Hannah was the fact that she didn’t pitied herself and she wasn’t afraid of new beginnings.

The scenes with the boys were laugh – out – loud, the school runs exactly the same and every page brought something new, let it be a handsome divorced doctor at the school gates, virtual sex with a boyfriend or parents competing… erm, I mean, children competing at school, and this everything written in this smooth, engaging, Jane Costello’s writing style. Ace, just ace!

And you know, this novella had such a feeling of normality to it. Dubai and parties here or there, but it just described life how it is, but with a brilliantly great dose of humour and wit to it. Right now I can’t stop singing „The Wheels on the Bus” and I’m praying that my daughter won’t start crying „Heeeeeeelllllppp” when I will be putting her in the car, although she had her moments already, for example when we were shopping and I took her by the hand and she cried: „Mum! You hurt me!!!” and the whole shop looked at us, so I really, really know how Hannah felt.

This short story has everything: brilliant pace, it’s full to the brim with action and humour, it has interesting plot and, for a short story, it doesn’t feel rushed at all, everything has its place and it just makes a brilliant quick read. It’s Jane Costello at her best and please, please, please, just go and download this novella now!


(My Most Anticipated) April Releases + Giveaway Hop

01 kwi

So, March is history already, can you believe it? And still nobody has discovered a day longer than 24 hours so that I can read more, more and more?

I have really thought that I can’t be more excited for new releases, but I CAN. There are so many incredible books being published in April that I really don’t know where to start… Although no, I know. Here they are:

Well, I am already waiting for the books that Lucy hasn’t written yet, that she in fact has no idea she’s going to write, and I’m sure you’re not surprised that this is her novel that I mention here on the first place. I am a lucky cow to have received a copy of  The Day We Disappeared some time ago, and I have already read it, and believe me, there are no words that can describe this book, so incredible, amazing, beautiful, exceptional it is, and it is for certaing going to be a novel that I will be buying for all my friends, family, no matter the occassion. This is Lucy Robinson at her best and please, be sure that you read this gem of a book as soon as it’s out on 9th April. Published by Penguin.


One of the most anticipated books by EVERYBODY this month is for sure The Vintage Guide to Love and  Romance by Kirsty Greenwood. This novel has the most exciting title and cover EVAH, no? And the premise to it is absolutely smashing! Although I have Kirsty’s first book on my kindle, and I have heard so many brilliant things about it, I haven’t read it yet (I KNOW! I KNOW!!!), which I of course am going to do as soon as possible – you know, I’m reading „The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance” right now and I am absolutely in love with this book and Kirtsy’s writing style. It’s going to be a MUST READ this spring, this I am sure, so please go and pre – order your copy! The book is out on 9th April, published by Pan.


Of course there can be no spring without Carole Matthews‚s new book! And the Queen of Chick Lit is back on 23rd April with her brand new shiny novel The Cake Shop in the Garden. And I personally can’t wait! Every Carole’s book is better than the last one, although I’m not sure how it’s possible, as they are all absolutely brilliant reads! As usually, the cover of the book is so beautiful, so spring – like, and it doesn’t matter that it makes me hungry already. I am really so excited for this book, that is going to be published by Sphere.


Also on 23rd April, a new book by Jane Costello, The Love Shack, is going to see the light of the day and this day really can’t come faster! I am dead excited for this book, I am Jane’s biggest fan, I love her stories, her light and witty writing style and every new book by her is like Easter, Christmas, birthday coming early together. Jane has spoiled us with her short – story „The Little Things” being published at the end of March, which was a great read, and it just made me feel really impatient! I am also absolutely devastated because I’ve just been declined on NetGalley for this title but am still not losing hope for an early copy – I just can’t wait so long to get this baby in my mittens! „The Love Shack” is published by Simon & Schuster.


And of course, of course, already on Thursday (tomorrow! Tomorrow!) the third part of Appleby Farm: Where the Heart Is by Cathy Bramley will be whizzing around the world to the kindles of many overly curious readers, yours truly included! I so can’t wait to see what Freya is up to, what’s going on at the farm, how Charlie is going to behave this time and, on the whole, to just read a brilliant story written in a way that always, no matter what, just makes me feel better and see the world in a better way. (Published by Transworld Digital).


Nicola Doherty is going to have her Girls on Tour out on 23rd April. I can’t praise enough all the short stories in the series and I can’t wait to have all the stories together, as one brilliant, funny, perfect book! It was such a joy to read the adventures of all the girls, travel with them around the whole world, those stories were a real piece of great escapism with a lot of embarrassing situations, broken and mended hearts, Vespas, vinos, Apres – ski, Hollywood stars, secrets and so much more! Published by Headline Review, this book should find a place on shelves of each and every one chick – lit fan!


Also on 23rd April, Simon & Schuster are publishing Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey. I have heard so many praises for this book, and after reading a premise to it I am sure it is as fantastic as all the readers say. It is already on my bookshelf, waiting patiently for its turn, and I’m guessing it’s going to happen sooner rather than later, as I want to see for myself the greatness of this novel.


There are of course many other books published in April that I can’t wait to get in my very greedy hands, but the above mentioned are my most anticipated releases this month. I am so looking forward to share my love of them with you!



So, as I am in very spring-y mood, I am going to make one of you a little more happier and send you one of YOUR most – anticipated April releases at the end of the month. All you have to do is to follow the Rafflecopter instructions and also tell me (here in comments or on Twitter) which book you’d like to receive. Open internationally. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • The value of the book can be not more than 10€.
  • The winner will be announced here/and on Twitter shortly after the giveaway ends and notified by email.
  • The winner has 48 hours to respond to the winning email before a new winner will be chosen. (Please be sure to check your SPAM folder!)
  • Entries will be verified. Really, guys. You don’t have to do much.
  • We are not responsible for the book once it is shipped.
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Book of the Month : March

01 kwi

So. I don’t know how it’s possible, but it’s April already, and the weather is so typical spring – like. Yesterday my mum and sister were flying home after visiting me, and of course they must have chosen the day when one of the most dangerous hurricanes was making its way through Germany. They arrived home safe and sound (THANKS GOD) 9 hours later as they should have, after being re – directed to other airport and making the final leg of their trip with a bus. I tell you… And today it’s also typical reading weather, it’s incredibly windy, it’s raining, snowing, and in the next moment the sun is shining, so yes, I’m not going out today. No way. Books, here I come.

OK, after this longest prelude evah, I’m going to tell you about my Book of the Month.

I’ve read 15 books in March and many of them rated with 5 stars. I’m such a lucky person, really, each time I receive a book post I thank my lucky stars. There is nothing better than to open a new book and dive into the new, amazing story. And this month my special appreciation goes to – of course – TWO books, what with my self – made categories :)

Book of the Month goes to

„The Memory of Violets” by Hazel Gaynor and here you can read my review.

Absolutely incredible, amazing read that had me in tears and evoked all kind of emotions in me. Loved the characters, loved the setting, loved the writing, loved the story – it’s just a perfect read that really everybody should read.

And my second Book of the Month in the Brilliant Novella (ha!) category goes to:

„The Little Things” by Jane Costello

This is an incredibly feel – good read and I’m so, so happy that Jane Costello is back with this short story and soon with her brand new novel! My review of „The Little Things” is going to be posted asap but believe me – go and read this story and thank me later for the recommendation!


Cover of the Month: March

31 mar

Nonono, I’m not going to repeat myself and ask, where did the March go? How come that it’s April tomorrow? Hellooo? I guess the more books we have to read, the quicker the time flies. So there. Not to mention that the older I am, the quicker the time flies. So there.

OK, OK, back to business. There were amazingly good books published in March, right? Absolutely amazing. And some of them with brilliant covers, as usually. I couldn’t decide between two of them but finally I’ve made up my mind and here it is, ladies and gentlemen, my Cover of the Month March.

Why? Well, because first, it’s absolutely beautiful, this blue colour is so optimistic and the font with Jane’s name is great, and the title in the contrast pink makes it so outstanding! And secondly, because it’s me on the cover. Yeah, why not? There is only a dog missing :)


My 10 Most Anticipated Books in 2015

06 sty

OK, let’s make this in the first half of 2015. There are so many great books published every year that it won’t be possible to choose only 10 of them.

I can cheat a little because I’ve already read three of the books I was waiting for this year, ha, and those were The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes by Anna McPartlin, The Year of Taking Chances  by Lucy Diamond and „Three Amazing Things About You” by Jill Mansell (review coming soon), tada :)

So in the first half of 2015 my Most Anticipated Books are:


„The Day We Disappeared” by Lucy Robinson

It was predictable, wasn’t it, that Lucy is going to be the first on the list, right? No explanation needed I guess. I have this book already on my kindle and I literally CAN’T WAIT to start reading it, there are only three books that I must read before and then… Lucy, here I come!

„His Other Life” by Beth Thomas

I have loved Beth’s debut novel, „Carry You”, and I really can’t wait to see what she has in store for us this time. March, roll on!

„The Dish” by Stella Newman

I don’t know what it is with this book, but I’m in a totaly hype to read this. I would do anything to get an early copy in my greedy hands. I just have an incredibly strong gut feeling telling me that it’s going to be a fantastic read. Well, the synopsis sounds fantastic.

„The Love Shack” by Jane Costello

I don’t need a synopsis, I don’t need to see a cover of this book, I just need to have this book! Jane costello is my auto – buy author, I loved all of her books and I can’t wait for her new releases every year. And it’s the same this year – am waiting already and my fingers are already twitching!

„The Sun in Her Eyes” by Paige Toon

After reading „Thirteen Weddings” I want to read everything that Paige has written/is going to write. Period.

„Summer at the Shell Cottage” by Lucy Diamond

Every book by Lucy is a fantastic read and her characters take a life of their own, the situations are believable and the stories are always uplifiting with a feel – good factor to them. It is always a time well spent with Lucy’s book.

„The Woman Who Gave Up Chocolate” by Milly Johnson

Hello? Chocolate in the title? And a woman who gave up on chocolate? It must be my kind of book, absolutely, and seeing that it’s written by Milly Johnson, it’s for sure MY KIND OF BOOK.

„Somewhere Inside of Happy” by Anna McPartlin

„The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes” was my first book by Anna McPartlin, and there was everything I could dream about. This book had me in tears and it has made me laugh out loud, and Anna’s writing style is just one of the best, I am going to remember her dialogues till the end of my days and I am going to call my Mum „me Ma” also till the end of my days, so I am waiting for „Somewhere Inside of Happy” with my whole being.

„Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery” by Jenny Colgan

Jenny proved that waiting for the next books in her series is really worth. I can’t wait for Polly’s new adventures and I really hope to see Neil the Puffin in the story as well (although I know he’s going to get an extra book for himself, yay!). And, of course, can’t wait for the new recipes!

„The Cake Shop in the Garden” by Carole Matthews

As Carole says herself, it’s her „bestest2 book yet. I don’t know how it’s possible because all of her books are fantastic, but I just want to see it for myself. There is no way that I’m NOT going to read this book, oh no, Carole Matthews is always a must – read on my list.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors I Own Most Books From

29 lip

So, I have decided to start doing Top Ten Tuesdays also, it’s a great and funny feature and I’m myself curious if I always manage to participate. Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created  at The Broke and the Bookish ( This feature was created because they are particularly fond of lists. I am not so but nevertheless, why not to try :)


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is Top Ten Authors I won Most Books From. Easy – peasy:)

1. Jill Mansell

Jill Mansell is an auto – buy author for me and I have all of her books. ALL. it means 25. Period.

2. Marian Keyes

Shall I mention that Marion Keyes is also my auto – buy author? I have also copies of her books in polish and german, and I have also some doubles as the original copy doesn’t look readable anymore.

3. Carole Matthews

I love Carole Matthews and I love covers of her books, I could actually make a display with those covers, so colourful and bright and optimistic as they are! Unfortunately, I don’t have all of her books, there are only 16 of them, but well, it can quickly change. My Book wish List is growing instantly!

4. Mike Gayle

All of his books. All. Already with the newest one published on 28th August. I love his stories, they are so bitter – sweet and so funny!

5. Sophie Kinsella

13 of them. No, sorry, 14. Together with the proof of „Shopaholic to the Stars”. I love Becky and love all Sophie’s stand – alone novels, and I can’t wait to start Becky’s adventures in Hollywood! Can already smell the troubles!

6. Sue Townsend

11 of them in English, plus endless copies of Adrian in Polish and German. For me one of the best authors that I have ever read, with a very sharp eye for reality and incredibly dry sense of humour. Shame that there won’t be any more new books.

7. Carmen Reid

Who doesn’t love our personal shopper Annie and her crazy family? I do, and I have all the books in the series, together with other Carmen’s book.

8. Alexandra Potter

Oh, I have tracked her old books before they were re – released all over the internet! The copies of Calling Romeo, Going La La, What’s New Pussycat are very battered ones, and as all alexandra’s books get the covers similar in style, I guess there is a new shopping tour coming!

9. Jenny Colgan

Well, don’t have to explain why?

10. Jane Costello

I have all of her books and will buy ANY book written by Jane. They have their own shelf on my bookshelf and there is still some place on it, waiting for Jane’s new releases.

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