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Letting You Go by Anouska Knight / Book Review

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Letting You Go by Anouska Knight


Publisher: Mira

Publishing Date: 10th September 2015

Source:  Received from publisher, thank you!

Genre: Literature/Fiction (Adult), Women’s Fiction

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What if a tragedy occurred and you only had yourself to blame? How do you move on from the past?

Alex Foster lives a quiet life, avoiding the home she hasn’t visited in eight years. Then her sister Jaime calls. Their mother is sick, and Alex must return. Suddenly she’s plunged back into the past she’s been trying to escape.

Returning to her hometown, memories of the tragic accident that has haunted her and her family are impossible to ignore. Alex still blames herself for what happened to her brother and it’s soon clear that her father holds her responsible too. As Alex struggles to cope, can she ever escape the ghosts of the past?

Rating: 4/5


Anouska Knight is the author that books I was desperate to read, for a long time already, but probably the circumstances and time were not right. But finally! Finally! I got a copy of „Letting You Know” in my greedy mittens and couldn’t be more happy to eventually dive into this story. The book wonderfully shows how people deal (or don’t deal at all) with grief and brilliantly explores the family bonds and relationships, and is full of wonderfully described emotions.

The only thing that bothered me was, in fact, the length of the book, and you know me, I am the last one to whinge about the length of the book. I just couldn’t help the feeling that there were too many things that the author focused on that were insignificant to the story and the book would really do without them. I have skipped some paragraphs, to be honest, because I couldn’t wait for something to finally happen. Also, I really love when the characters have secrets. Really. But I don’t like when the secrets are mentioned so, so often and revealing them is not in sight. The characters in „Letting You Go” mention them, they’re so obvious with the fact that there are secrets, they’re saying „Because there are things you’ve no idea about”, and I wanted to shout: then tell me! It took so much time that, in fact, I was almost loosing my interest in what kind of secrets they are. Nevertheless, as much as they were not life – changing secrets, I didn’t expect them to be like this (maybe because I stopped expecting them to be eventually revealed – joking!), and I truly liked this fact.

I’ve seen opinions that the book is a slow one. Well, for me it had just the right pace, and the author actually throws us into the heart of the story immediately at the beginning – we know what happened in the first chapter, and I’d really liked it. There were enough secrets in the book, and Anouska Knight has done this brilliantly – that we didn’t have to wait any longer than necessary to know what has broken and put the Foster’s family apart. I didn’t really have any problems to feel immediately at home with this book, and it had me hooked from the very beginning.

I loved how Ms Knight portrayed the many different relationships in this story, especially the bonds in the Foster family. It is incredible how many secrets all the members of their family had, secrets that could influence the relationships between all of them, and yet how much they loved each other and how they couldn’t live without each other. You could think, if a family really loves each other so much, they should be honest and not hide things, right? And here we have a family that has so many demons, that doesn’t communicate with each other, doesn’t talk and yet they somehow stick together and can count on each other. They were people full of contradictions and fear and they all chosen to hide in their own shell, and the question was when, or if, will they go out of their comfort zones and what happens then.
The most difficult relationship was probably this of Alex and her father Ted. It really hurt to see how they both hurt each other, that they couldn’t stay in the same room, that they couldn’t stay in the close proximity. I personally had some problems with Ted, I couldn’t get into him, into his head, I really wasn’t sure what he’s really thinking, but I felt so sorry for Alex. She was full of sadness, sorrow, she couldn’t forgive herself and she, in some ways, came to terms with the fact that her father also hasn’t forgiven her, and probably is never going to forgive, but she still was hoping for a sign from him that he loves her. I couldn’t watch how much Alex was kicking herself, and how obvious Ted was with his moods and his whole attitude called „my right is the only right” and how he wanted to dictate other people how they should live. Really, my heart went to Alex – she was paying the price for what happened on this one day many, many years ago, and I am not the one to judge her, I don’t know what my reaction would be if it were me loosing one of my children, but no matter how harsh it sounds, life goes on, and her parents, and especially father, had more children to think about. But Alex still feels so guilty, even as an adult, she can’t let the past go, the same as her father. I am not sure, but I think he was all the time unwittingly punishing Alex for this what happened.

Anouska Knight has created the most believable, authentic characters who were trying to cope with their own overwhelming and bulging feelings. What I so liked is that the characters were not perfect – they all had their own dark secrets, regrets and they all made decisions that were wrong, that hurt, or were going to hurt, their closest ones. But this is the way we all function in this world, and this is the way I love my characters to be. And the story focused not only on Alex, but on her whole family. Because Alex was really my favourite character here, I truly fell for her, I had some problems with others who were treating her in not such a nice way. Her father, but also her sister, Jem. Jem was so full of hidden anger and she found Alex to be a perfect person to off – load this anger on. She was also so unsure and uncertain, Jem, and for a long time I couldn’t understand what’s her problem is – maybe because I really didn’t see what her secret is going to be. It really took me by surprise, and it explained a lot, and if I knew this before I might have perceived Jem in a different way throughout the story.
We can’t forget Finn here, he was a great character and great person. So patient, and so understanding, but also very straight – forward, and I really liked it. Even though he was a significant character here, this sub – plot didn’t over – shadowed the other important things in this story. And also, let’s not forget Blythe. She spends all her time in the book in hospital, fighting for her health, but now, in retrospection, I can see that she was in fact the only one keeping this family together. They all respected her and loved her so much, and I think that somehow it was all thanks to her that the Fosters finally pulled together.

It is a book about a family and its members that started to learn themselves afresh, that started to give themselves chances to understand each other, to be a family again. It is a story full of emotions boiling just under the surface, and we can see that soon they are going to erupt and that something is going to happen. It also shows the power of love and forgiveness, that family bonds are the strongest thing in the world. It is a sad, but also incredibly uplifting story, written in a very seamless, easy to follow way, that I truly enjoyed. And the only good thing after finishing „Letting You Go” is the fact that I can immediately start reading other Anouska Knight’s books. Ha :)

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