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25 paź


There were some great books being published on 24 th October, and I had a pleasure to read and review some of them.

One of them is Miranda Dickinson’t „Take a Look at Me Now” and the review you can find here:,338707818,title,Take-a-Look-at-Me-Now-by-Miranda-Dickinson,index.html

The other is a great book by Carole Matthews, which I just adored and actually, looking at the cover of this book just makes me feel better. It’s so Christmassy, so festive, in short: so adorable!,338696913,title,Calling-Mrs-Christmas-by-Carole-Matthews,index.html


But yesterday was also a special day for Ruth Saberton who, after a long break (well, it was long for me) have released TWO titles on the same day! Way to go, Ruth.

Here are the covers of those books that I have also read and really enjoyed.




You can also read the reviews of both of the books:,338615097,title,Weight-Till-Christmas-by-Ruth-Saberton-eBook-Review,index.html,338626562,title,Rearranged-by-Ruth-Saberton-eBook-Review,index.html


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Take a Look At Me Now by Miranda Dickinson / eBook Review

24 paź

Take a Look at Me Now by Miranda Dickinson


Publisher / Wydawca: Avon


Publishing Date / Data wydania: 24th October 2013


Source / Zrodlo: Received from publisher via NetGalley, thank you! / Od wydawcy przez NeztGalley, dziekuje!


Amazon Summary:


How far would you go to make a new start?

When Nell’s on-off boyfriend Aidan calls her into his office, losing her job is the last thing she expects.

Heartbroken and unemployed to boot, she makes a radical decision to blow her redundancy cheque and escape to the untested waters of San Francisco.

But is the glamour of the city too good to be true? And can Nell leave her past behind?


Rating/Ocena: 4/5



This is the second book by Miranda Dickinson that I have read and while „It Started with a Kiss” hasn’t worked for me at all, I am happy to say that „Take a Look at Me Now” belongs to book that I have really enjoyed.


I was immediately attracted by the sparkly, colourful, beautiful cover of this book, it is so optimistic and eye – catching. Then I read the blurb and wanted to read it asap.


The main character in the book is Nell, who has her life under control, everything is neatly planned and orderly. But then one day unexpectedly Nell and her colleagues are being made redundant and the one who is announcing it is Nell’s on – off boyfriend Aiden.

And here comes the part that I really enjoyed, namely Nell made a very spontaneous decision to spent her redundancy money on a one – life trip. Her choice is San Francisco, where her cousin Lizzie lives.

Then follow the great descriptions of San Fran, its views, places and people. Nell is thrown into the life of the city thanks to Lizzie, she gets to know her friends and one of them is Annie, the owner of a diner, and having own diner is Nell’s biggest dream.

Nell meets also Max, so we have here some romance and love story as well.


I loved that Nell was brave enough to follow her dreams, I would like to be like her as well. She was a great, warm, kind, nice and spontaneous character that I liked immediately. The other characters were also brilliantly written, we have a whole bunch of them here, many different people, many different characters but all of them very likeable and all building the book.


This book is written in a funny, light way that made me feel better. I just wanted to turn the page and read further and see what’s going to happen. It has the right pace, the right action, the right people. The only things that didn’t work for me were the descriptions of San Francisco – don’t get me wrong, they were brilliant and great and I felt like I have seen them already with my own eyes, but there were moments that I was wondering if I am not perhaps reading a guide book to SF. And the end was for me too rush, to short, I think the author could stretch it into some more chapters, but well, it’s just me:) All in all, I have really enjoyed this book and I am happy with this fact. Would say, if you want to better your mood or just need a heart – warming, packed with positive emotions book, then don’t hesitate and go and buy it.

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Calling Mrs Christmas by Carole Matthews / Book Review

23 paź


Calling Mrs Christmas by Carole Matthews



Publishing Date/Data wydania: 24th October 2013

Source/Zrodlo: Received a copy from publisher, thank you! / Od wydawcy, dziekuje!


Amazon Summary:

Cassie Smith has been out of work for a while but she has an idea. Drawing on her love of Christmas, she begins charging for small things: wrapping presents; writing cards; tree-decorating. She’s soon in huge demand and Cassie’s business, Calling Mrs Christmas, is born.

Carter Randall wants to make Christmas special for his children, so he enlists Cassie’s help, and his lavish requests start taking up all her time. Thank goodness she can rely on her loving partner Jim to handle the rest of her clients.

When millionaire Carter asks Cassie to join his family on a trip to Lapland, she knows she shouldn’t go . . . Suddenly Cassie finds herself facing a heart-breaking choice that could change her entire life.


Rating/Ocena: 5/5





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Carole Matthews is an author writing two books a year and it always amazes me how she does it. And how she does it that her each book is better as the other one.


„Calling Mrs Christmas!” has hooked me immediately, from the very first site I was already deep into it and it is one of the things that I so much love in Carole’s books: that I don’t have any problems with sinking into the world of the characters, into their lives, I am always interested from the very beginning. This was also such a page – turner for me.


Cassie has lost her job and is struggling to find a new one. And it is almost a year now! No wonder she’s feeling low and desperate. Her boyfriend Jim is working in a prison for young offenders and this job doesn’t belong to the easiest one, for sure. Hard but true, the money is tight and all the plans like wedding or baby must be put aside. Then Cassie had this wonderful idea that she will organize Christmas for people who doesn’t have time for this, with all the things that come together with Christmas: wrapping present, buying presents, organizing parties, decorating trees, cleaning… Isn’t it a brilliant idea??? And finally it is a hit. As she meets Carter and his children and organizes the whole Christmas for him, which includes also a trip to Lapland, they find that they have feelings to each other. Moreover, Cassie will get all that she misses right now: financial stability and ready – made family, whereas at home there are just piles of bills and problems. And Jim is concentrating almost only on two of his lads who are also living with them. Temporarily, but still. What is Cassie going to do?


What I love in Carole’s books is that always her heroines have such great idea about their lives, about their future and they are not afraid to start putting the dreams into reality. She is also a queen of creating warm, likeable, friendly characters and here we have the whole bunch of them. Cassie is great, so normal, she loves her family and want all the best for all of them, even if she has her issues with her mother.

There was a moment that I had a problem with the plot and Cassie itself, and it was when she was thinking about her future and with whom should she spend it. Why? It was unnecessary in my opinion. I can understand her, her longing to finally have a normal, better life, without financial problems, with already two children but it was not Cassie – like to even think about it. If I am in a relationship and I know that I love my partner than I guess I wouldn’t think about leaving him just to live a better life. Because I think Cassie didn’t love Carter, she just liked the idea of another life. And to be honest, the conversation with Jim about it was for me the strangest that I have ever read.

I was never crazy about Christmas, I liked it of course but I am never as much in the Christmas frenzy but reading about Cassie’s love to this festive I just want to put a tree in the corner of my living room, some lights on the windows and maybe wrap some present already, and it’s just October now! It was just so real, nothing exaggerated, she loves it, period.

Simultaneously to Cassie we get to know Jim and his story, his job at the Young Offenders’ Unit. Jim was great as a person and I could really understand why Cassie was in love with him. His job was not the easiest one but I think he couldn’t do any other. Let’s be honest: there are few people like Jim out there in the world, who would be  courageous enough to take such care about two lads from his unit.

Carter was not my favourite character from the beginning, till now I am not so sure if his feelings were real or he just needed someone because he felt lonely. His children on the other hand were really great little people.

All the other characters are brilliantly written and we can’t forget about Andrew and Kieran here, which also play a big part in this book. Two big and bad boys actually gone small and good:) All should try their second chance, if they get it.


Maybe Carole’s books are so good because they are so human, so normal, so calm, but also full of emotions – good emotions, and we all need them. She gives so much work to all the details, all the descriptions, this time the trip to Lapland, it was a fantastic read. I have never thought that I’d like to visit a country with minus 35 grad but now I want.  It is amazing how many feelings she’s able to put between the covers of her books.  This is really a perfect festive read, warm, funny, touching and written in a prefect, engaging way. Would say, it is a must – Christmas – read.

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Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas by Sugar Jamison 7 eBook Review

23 paź


Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas: A Perfect Fit Holiday Novella by Sugar Jamison


Publisher/ Wydawca:  st. Martin’s Paperback


 Release Date/ Data wydania: 1st October 2013


 Source/Zrodlo: Received from publisher  via NetGalleyfor review  , thank you! / Od wydawcy przez NetGalley , dziekuje!

Series/Seria:  Perfect Fit # 1.5


Amazon Summary:

A Special Holiday Novella!

On the first day of Christmas, Dina Gregory, former wild child and prodigal daughter returns home to New York on a mission. Finding her young son’s father and making him take responsibility for the child he created is the only thing on her wish list. But instead of finding the man she was looking for she runs into his stuffy older brother Ben.

Ben has never liked Dina, but being trapped together on the holidays allows him to see a different side of her. She brings back his Christmas spirit and in the process reminds him what it feels like to love.  Dina’s past makes her wary of falling in love, but Ben is determined to make her stay as his permanent Christmas gift. 

Rating/Ocena: 3/5

I didn’t know that „Have Yourself a curvy Little Christmas” is a part of „Perfect Fit” series but nevertheless I didn’t have a feeling that I am missing something from the past. Of course, there were some reminiscences to the previous book, I’ve got the idea that Dina was a bad person and hurt people that she loved but it didn’t spoil the book.

I got to know Dina when she was looking for a father of her son. Of course he didn’t know that he is a father and she decided that it is the time that he learns his son. Instead of him she gets his brother who closes himself in his big, big house alone with only 12 people of his servants and since 9 years mourns the death of his wife. When he gets to know Dina and her son Dash he decides that the name Rowe must survive and so he is going to marry Dina.

Just like this. He decided and that’s all. Sorry, but this idea, or especially the way that he decided this, didn’t convince me.
I had also some issues with Dina. I thought, what the hell, who is this vulgar and arrogant woman? Luckily, she is also very funny and she is extremely chatty and it rescued her in my eyes. In my eyes Dash was too matured for his 10 months and it didn’t sound real. The only person that I warmed to was Ben, hmmm, a cookie :) Under the coldness he was a great man, funny, clever and he would be a great dad, for sure. He could only take into account what other people think and want as well, but actually the way he decided he is going to marry Dina was the only minus point for him.
The sexual tension in this book was overwhelming, too much for my liking and although I like to read a good bonkbuster I think here it was not so suitable.

Altogether I hoped I would enjoy this novella much more. Nevertheless, it was a nice, short read, written in an engaging way.

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Rearranged by Ruth Saberton / eBook Review

19 paź


Rearranged by Ruth Saberton




Publisher/ Wydawca:  Notting Hill Press



 Release Date/ Data wydania: 24th October 2013



 Source/Zrodlo: Received from publisher  for review , thank you! / Od wydawcy , dziekuje!



Amazon Summary:

Parents know best but sometimes daughters know better…

For Bradfordian Mills Ali, life is fantastic. She’s left home, has her dream job writing for an Asian magazine, a social life busier than the London rush hour and is finally paying off her student loan.

Yes, everything’s pretty good except for the husband sized shadow looming on the horizon. With a year’s countdown to her arranged marriage Mills is on a mission. A firm believer in true love, she’s determined to choose her own husband. Just how hard can it be to find the perfect suitor? Surely London’s Muslim dating scene is teeming with eligible young men? She’s bound to find her soul mate.

Isn’t she?

With a fast encroaching deadline Mills can’t waste time. As she embarks on the search to find him, she’s convinced her soul mate can’t be too far away.

But is he closer than she thinks? Or do her parents know best after all?

Rating/Ocena: 5/5

Well, I have already said this and I can only repeat that Ruth Saberton writing as Ruth Saberton and not under her other pen names, is just the best.

The book was brilliant and new in some ways. It was colourful, exotic, full of sounds and nice smells, and first of all, full of wonderful descriptions of a culture that is not so well known to me. And it was great to read about those new aspects, it was great to read about the visit to Pakistan and the preparations for wedding.

Mills is a very modern Muslim girl with more modern Muslim – sisters and brother and not so modern parents. The parents want Mills happily married and happily means: they must arrange the marriage. And they did arrange it. But Mills doesn’t want this, she wants to fell in love, she wants to know her husband before she marries him and what is more, she wants to work as a journalist. And she got a wonderful chance, as she got a job at the magazine. But it’s in London. Will the parents agree to this? They do, indeed, so maybe they are not so conservative as one thinks and they are not as afraid of other relatives, for whom only children, grandchildren, weddings and not some job in the capital city are the most important things in the world. There is only one condition: if Mills doesn’t want arranged marriage she must find herself a nice boy who’ll stay her husband. And she must do it fast.
So Mills hits London and its dating scene. The guys that she meets are hilarious, and it all written with typical Ruth style, I have laughed out loud or shook my head thinking, how it is possible? Is it for real? Why, people, why? Why do you come to Europe if you don’t want to try a new life? And even if the guy does seem okay, his family is the example of a really bad, bad dream.
The ideas for finding a men, the dates were brilliant. Wouldn’t like to be in Mills’ shoes most of the times, oh no.
But I guess I can understand why the men doesn’t want to change. It must be really nice to be a centre of the world for all women in a family, it must be really great when someone makes your wish come true before you can only think about them.

Mills was brilliant. Of course I felt desperate when she agreed to the arranged marriage but I could see her inner battle: the modern Mills against the polite, obedient daughter. I may perhaps don’t understand it but I respect it. But she was intelligent, clever and funny and had great imagination, this must be told. Her friends were brilliant but the best of all them was her gay – friend from the magazine. Loved him with all my heart.
The men in this book are important characters as well, and we get really a big variety of them, one more ridiculous than the other, good and very bad, and of course Wish comes true:)

The book was written in a light, funny, engaging way, and the plot was fantastic, I think, no I am sure I have never read a book about such topic and it was great! The chapters were not too long and I just wanted to turn the next page to see what’s going to happen. In my opinion, a brilliant read about really some important issues but delivered in a light, warm and funny way. All what I want :) Have waited long for another Ruth Saberton and just devoured this book.

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16 paź

To na razie wpis kontrolny.

Prawdopodobnie przeprowadzka jest konieczna, poniewaz na starym blogu nie moge zrobic nic. Nic zmienic, nic poprawic, popsuli cale ustawienia, nie rozumiem tam juz nic.

Wiec sprobujemy tutaj. Prawdopodobnie. Bo czuje sie jeszcze z letka zagubiona.

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